Monday, September 24, 2012

My Weight Loss Journey

          Why can't we as humans do what's right for us? We do things we know are bad for us, it's proven that it's bad for us and we just keep on keepin on.
          Almost two years ago I started on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. My starting weight was around 190 pounds. I began eating right and running/working out. And you know what!? It was easy. I was losing weight like nothing. My body was changing, I was feeling better and I was much more confident. I kept it up for about 6-7 months with my weight being around 154. I had went from being obese to a normal weight range.
        Then..I stopped. Not all at once though. I just stopped running as much then slacked off on watching what I ate and then I started drinking pop again. Of course I just ignored that the weight was coming back on. And now I'm right back where I started near the same starting weight however this time around I'm much less motivated.
        Which brings me back to my original statement. Why is it so hard to to what you know is best for you!? I know how to lose the pounds, I know how great it made me feel and look but I'm so reluctant to start again.
        I've been slowly trying to watch what I eat the last couple weeks and so far so good but it definitely hasn't been easy. I really need to get back into it full force though.
        So wish me luck guys! And if you're taking part in your own weight loss journey and have a blog make sure to comment and let me know because I would love to follow you!

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